You know this moment ? When you’re about to win your greatest victory ? About to beat that guy who’s always been 1st before you ? And then your computer glitches. That’s it, you’re dead. He has won. Again.

Bad luck ? Bad network ? Bad PC ? You’ll never know, but in the end, you need to make sure that never happens again, that’s why we’re here, the reason why PNY exists, to make sure that …

“your computer
will never glitch again”

And how can we do that ? By providing you with the top quality components we’ve been manufacturing for the past 30 years. You want to be able to rely on your PC, trust your hardware and be at the top of your game ? We have a full range of Gaming DRAM, SSD and GeForce graphics cards to keep you up and running for the next round. And if you still don’t know us, this is who we are :


ok, this looks old. But it’s the first gaming brand PNY has ever launched back in 2006. Loads of products have carried this signature, and even if we can’t bear black and gold anymore, we still have a crush on it. So when the big idea of changing it came up, we asked YOU, if you wanted to get rid of it, and you said no, so BOOM.

We decided to slightly move it but keep the essence as it’s part of the family. Change the look and feel but never let go of the quality and spirit of PNY.


“This is XLR8 Hardcore
Gaming Certified.”

So now, our mission should we decide to accept it (what ? of course we do), is to make sure you can rely on your computer for your CS:GO sessions. Your next DOTA 2 live stream or your LOL tournament.

Backed up by our crazy streamers squad and awesome partners, this is how we play.

“And you,
are you gaming ?”



Nvidia_logoWhite300PNY is proudly part of Nvidia’s Authorized Board Partners program

The NVIDIA Authorized Board Partner Program ensures an exceptional customer experience when purchasing graphics cards and motherboards manufactured by partners that make use of NVIDIA’s latest technologies. As Authorized Board Partner, we offer the latest technologies from NVIDIA, maintain the highest marks for service and support, guarantee Quality, Reliability and Stability.